Alma Park – 150 Dandenong Rd, St Kilda East

DATES: No Scheduled Dates

The Vibe

If you’ve been to the Alma Park Market before, you know what the go is.
Over here, you’ll see a kid running around looking for some ice cream.
Over there, you’ll have the couple on their first date, deciding which toastie to have… or share 😉 Walking in you’ll have a group of mums and bubs, maybe sneaking in an arvo G&T.
What do you hear in the background? Perhaps a bit of acoustic music playing an old classic, and maybe some cute dog goes woof woof that you can’t deny a pat.
In a Snapshot? You’ve got the high end of tasty vendors, affordable, delicious and fresh. You’ve got St Ali coffee worthy of the walk, and of course, a bar to quench your Saturday thirst.
Looking for a gift? no worries, we’ve got that too, and you can even get your fruit and veg here.

The Deets

Around the Middle Saturday of the Month.
  • Currently not hosting any dates
Time: 9:00am FIRST COFFEE to 4:00pm LAST DRINKS
Location: Alma Park East, St Kilda East, Near Corner of Chapel St and Dandenog Rd – 150 Dandenong Rd, St Kilda East VIC 3183

How to get there

Broom Broom

Parking available on Dandenong Rd and Alma Rd

Choo Choo

Only a short walk from Windsor Station

Ding Ding

Tram Stops on Dandenong Rd / Hornsby Rd (Trams 5 / 64)
Chapel St / Dandenong Rd (Tram 78)


Encouraged, bring the pooch on a lead and kids will have a great time too

Become a vendor

Thank you for your interest in the Alma Park Markets. We’re a very open minded crew at APM and are keen to hear all about you and how you can be a part of the wounderful work of the Alma Park Markets.


Street Food / Gourmet Food & Drink

Fine and Fresh Produce

Craft and Gifts

Pet Services, Community Groups & Other

Please fill out your details in this form and let us know what you’re bringing to the table and we’ll get back to you pronto!

All vendors require Public Liability Insurance, Streets Traders where applicable and Site fee paid (depending on category) to confirm site.

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